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Prof.Tatah Mentan

This is the story political economy analysts want.Keep off insulent language so that the facts can speak for themselves.This essay will dispel the age-old illusions that the Southern Cameroons did not bake the national cake and thus had nothing to claim as economic rights.
Keep on.
Tatah Mentan

Njoh Hanson Sone

This is what investigative repoting is all about. You and your hot topics are an inspiration to many a guys here in Toronto. Good job.
Njoh sone
Osgoode Hall Law School of York University
Toronto, Canada.

Justice M. Mbuh

Congratulations to Ofege for this great effort that reveals how Cameroun continues to rape Ambazonia(Southern Cameroons/West Cameroon) in the lies of unity! Adding to Marketing Board Reserves are figures of National foreign reserves to the tune of 48 Billion--which our Cameroun cporruption-prone overlords have equally embezzled while utilizing a small amount to develop their part of the false conceptualization of the United Cameroun Republic! Because of these data and experiences of human rights abuses which have compounded the demise of the Southern Cameroons/West Cameroon state under annexation by Cameroun, the Republic of Ambazonia is now coming to the rescue as her leadership, under the powerful legal mind of Fon Fongum Gorji-Dinka now has Cameroun authorities by the throat! Soon, we will tell you Cameroun "casualties"!
For more on How Cameroun raped Ambazonia under the disguise of a United and Strong Cameroun, see Chapter Six of 'Inside Contemporary Cameroun Politics' (Mbuh, J. 2005) at nationalgroup@yahoogroups.com; ambasos@yahoogroups.com, fdr_southerncameroonspeople@yahoogroups.com, posted Sunday, July 3, 2005.

Mbi Asaatong Fontem

Ntemfac Ofege's factually seeming piece is a must read for EVERY Kamerunian, patriotic or not.

It's made my day today on postwatch.com, nevermind the emotion welled up by the picture of the vanished china.

Mbi Asaatong Fontem



Only the worst of Thomases should still doubt that it is time for Anglophones to pack out of the francophone parliament and political arrangement and seek to restore their stolen state. Any sane Anglophone who hitherto had not been convinced that we are dealing with devils who have no respect for morality, should now see the reality and take a stand on our relationship with La Republique. The few Anglophones who have been elected, whether on the CPDM (Chop People Dem Money) or on the moribund SDF mandate should think twice while still sitting in this very house where our ancestors had contributed to build but then reaped nothing other than marginalization and insults for their kindred or posterity that we are. Let them ask themselves this question: Where are the Kumba-Mamfe and the Bamenda Ring roads that the ugly fox of La Republique promised since 1985 when the CPDM (Party of thieves and morally depraved idiots) was born in Bamenda and later in 1991 or when the fox visited Buea and Bamenda on some other dates? What can the likes of Achidi Achu, Musonge and the soon to be thrown out Inoni actually claim they have achieved for Anglophones from this sad political arrangement that only benefited their selfish families? Can they honestly blame Pa Foncha, Muna who had been used before them and thrown out like toilet tissues or Mola Endeley and Pa Jua honourable gentlemen who outrightly refused the unfortunate union, for not achieving anything for Anglophones? May the Lord bless the souls of these honourable men. Pa Endeley and Jua who foresaw this mess of arrangement at least tried to resist it albeit in vain. Pa Muna and Foncha realizing the mess only at the end of their lives at least joined the SCNC to reverse the situation. At least some honour for their beleaguered souls. The shame is on those of us (especially our so-called traditional Chiefs and Fons, Civil Service personnel, Parliamentarians, and shameless CPDM party leaders and others etc) who like flies continue to let ourselves be attracted by the rotten francophone meat in the name of appointments or positions thrown at us. The earlier we learn from these lessons and concert our efforts and jointly denounce this ugly system and fight to restore our state, the better for us. Assuredly this can be done and by the law makers. Whether CPDM or SDF, if they organize and boldly table a bill in their so call Parliament asking for a review of the Anglophone situation and be ready to walk out if this parliament fails to address it, then that is only when La Republique would be forced to act. If so done, this will drag the international Community into it and things would become more serious and eventually to the benefit of Anglophones. Obviously the jittery Republique’s government cannot arrest and detain them should this be their fear. But curious enough,how many of these giddy geese and ganders of parliamentarians of both parties can knock the table and stand his/her ground in front of their francophone masters. I know my word is mere water thrown of course, on the backs of geese and ganders that they are already. If we can’t take a serious stand in the midst of the mess going on there, then we are all doomed forever and should cease blaming our ancestors for any political errors they had committed. If educated and enlightened as we are today, we cannot correct the errors of our ancestors, then we are worse than them when they committed these errors. We should shut our large mouths and accept our slave status. May God bless. Pa-Teh


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thanks and we want far more! Added to FeedBurner also

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