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Anthony J.

Are you a journalist or a hatchet man?
You may remove this comment if you please as you've done others that do not please your political provinciality.

Kingsley Che

Your observation that Fru Ndi is "hellbent" on running because of "greed" is not only baffling but outrightly simplistic and misleading.How on earth can a guy who in 1990,took the challenge of risking his very life to force political pluralism in Cameroon and has ever since then, been fighting for more transparency be accused of being greedy, is unthinkable.

Monono  Henry  Ngale

Fru Ndi was the darling of the down and out Cameroonian until he decided to dine with the regime.Can the chairman tell us how much money the president gave him when he lost his mother? For someone who preaches a socialist philosophy his acquisition of wealth has caught the eye of the ordinary man.When the coalition disqualified him because he failed the test of honesty and accountability it did not raise any political eyebrows.The great leaders of humanity who have led popular revolutions have been men like GHANDI, CHE GUEVERA, NELSON MANDELA, ALBERT MUKONG,etc who have eschewed wealth and its corrupting influences
For the last twin eletions the chairman grabbed a fat chunk of the government handout as back pay! The South West province had only 4 million francs out of a total of about 800 milion francs. He accounts to nobody. The sdf is his party and he has been chairman since its creation.
Many of us thought Cameroon had been blessed with a saviour when Fru Ndi came into the scene but as my driver told me the other day

Monono Henry Ngale

na de same cassala soup.

Ngoh Walters

Its only political naivety that leads some Cameroonians to call Fru Ndi all sorts of names.
Reading some of the articles above and comments is very disheartening.Since when did the Government of Cameroon give 800 million FCFA to the SDF in the last twin elections?The Government gave about 270 million FCFA which was equally distributed with a substantial amount going to the Grand North to implant and win votes for the SDF in that region.A 4*4 turbo landcruiser was bought for the chairman to enable him reach all corners of the Republic which was bet logical.How can you reach Fura Wa in the North West OR Maiganga in the North,if you donot use a 4*4 turbo.
To say Fru Ndis participation in this years election is greed sounds foolish and stupid.How do you nuture a change?Its only by participating in the political process.We all know Biya and the CPDM will rigg the elections,but the SDF and Fru Ndis rallies so far have proven he was the right candidate for the coalition.Politics is a game of numbers.So long as you can win the popular vote,then you should lead.
I can understand Ntem Nfac Ofeges grievances with the SDF and Fru Ndi since he Ntem Nfac Ofege lost in the primaries of the SDF in the 1997 Legislative elections.
Youshould go back to the days you use to be an objective journalist Ofege when you were in CRTV.I respected you then.
SDF is and remains the only party capable of ruling Cameroon when Biya decides to leave.Remember the Labour party in Briatain was out of power and in the opposition for 18 years,1979 to 1997.And they came to power with a landslide victory 18 years on.
The SDF will come to power come 2011 or before then when Biya decides to leave.

Ngoh Walters

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