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Justice Muluh Mbuh

Was it predicted? Were our masses informed of the consequences? Can they handle it? Handle what? TENSION, CONFUSION, FRUSTRATION AND BAD DREAMS TURNED NIGHTMARISH! We will always say it as it is, no matter what. Was it democracy on the move? Advanced democracy turned soar? Hm!

A nice treatise on democracy might/should trace her development from the roots and ashes of relic Greek city of Sparta and then Athens, move up 25 centuries and rest of American and British formulations--one republican and the other Parliamentary. But both rooted in Ancient Roman Empire whose borrowed architectural and political set-ups created both the American dream and that of Britain, however redundant and uncompromising the latter may seem.

So when we take a look at Africa and see the continent littered with experimentations of democratization and claims of her advancements, to the extent some petite servants of dictators, in this case old pal Professor Augustin Kontchou comes to mind, claiming "our democracy surpasses that of the USA"--and you can keep me out of the "Our"--for I am not Camerounian but Ambazonian (Southern Cameroonian!)--the issue of advance democracy become such a mockery of modern government that when we look at a disparate opposition political parties posturing every five or seven years, however Mr. Paul Biya wishes to change the terms of his stay in office, one cannot help but laugh out aloud that we are all responsible for creating chaos in the name of advanced democracy!

In less than a few days when Camerounians in the diaspora posed and boasted about American Senators praising Cameroun's Advanced form of NO-DEMOCRACY, one may begin wondering why Americans who have hardly changed anything in their over two hundred years old constitution can so suddenly praise Cameroun's electoral process as fair, one cannot help but charge foulplay from so-called friends of democracy, who claim to promote it as a foreign policy objective, with the democratic peace proposition and all advantages that accrue, as virtues worth defending, emmulating: we are being lied to again and again. Why did I say that?

Democracy flourishes only when there is the rule of law, when there is a term limit as to how long an individual can stay in power (thus promoting rotative governance that breds new ideas, as in the case of the USA, every four or eight years--so what exactly does Paul Biya think he has that we cannot find in someone else, except evil?), when there is an electoral code which prevents serious rigging opportunities and lastly, when the electorate is not threatened into submission as the case often has been in the so-called Cameroun republic! All these preventive measures, call them checks and balances are lacking in Cameroun, not to talk of the glaring fact that there is not dependable constitution, except some scrap upon which any Tom and Dick can decide over-night to change her terms with a single utterance called Presidential Decree! Prehaps some will still defend that as some other form of democracy, but I say no!

Latest results pasted on internet by Dr. Martin Ayim, and from the SDF Secretariate do suggest that the SDF, as in 1997, and 1992 especially did win the latest Presidentials! Yet, when the role of law by which the so-called President of the Republic (which back then was United Republic of Cameroon) manipulates the constitution into voidness, with the use of Presidential Decree was questioned by Fon Fongum Gorji-Dinka (Leader of the Ambazonia Republic) in March 1985 with the release of the New Social Order Document, Cameroun's president called for his extermination--Death by Firering Squard if found guilty in the Cameroun Military Tribunal! Yet, for the first time in the history of this abberration of a name called Cameroun, Fon Dinka was aquited--meaning the President was to be found guilty of unconsitutional behavior, which according to the Fon Dinka and Ambazonia Restoration Council (ARC) meant the termination of the Cameroon Federation, inasmuch as the terms of the Union between Southern Cameroons (Ambazonia) and Cameroun were never implemented, Cameroun has consistently violated international law and international court demands that Cameroun answers these charges upon which Fon Dinka was brutalized, forced into exile and Ambazonians subjected to untold secondary recolonization! Let's cut long matters short:
Now with the 2004 Presidentials being history with the mark of the devil rigging one more time, who but a dummy will not see Cameroun gradually or rather fast sinking into violence which breds pestilence all over Africa and everywhere else we smell Black folks on this globe?

This response will be continued when we first take a look at the origins of democracy and how contemporary claims to her are futile, besides being hypocritical and how contemporary Cameroun misuses democracy to continue to lie to the world that Cameroun is a united Republic or worse, one country. Ambazonia Republic (Southern Cameroons) is the antidot to all these fallacious claims and come what may, the evil that reigns in Cameroun today will be humbled, conquerred!

For our pretending Opposition political parties, it is time they heed to the adage that once fooled, twice shy! These opposition political parties and their leaders must either be in the pay of President Paul Biya or are damned outrightly guilty of treasonable behavior--for totally failing to fall behind SDF hwich has proven to be far more effective and superior to all of them and even the terrible ruling party. If they deny this, then it is time they stand up and deny Paul Biya this latest rigging! Something stinks about Cameroun and besides corruption and life vampires claiming to be leaders of a people, election rigging is yet another variable added to the equation!
Justice M. Mbuh
Washington, DC, USA.

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