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Glenn Wilson

During the 2002 election in Cameroon, a friend of mine worked as a scrutineer for the CDPM at one of the polling booths. There was also a scrutineer from the SDF and plus two others representing minor parties. My friend told me he was supplied with 10,000cfa by the CPDM party that was used to purchase drinks for the scrutineers. When the SDF scrutineer had to leave "to make water" the ballot box was stuffed. The scrutineers from the minor parties were afraid to speak up. I was told that this was a widespread practice. This was the same election that was cancelled on the Saturday morning at 8am (1 hour after opening) and 2000 votes were counted in the ballot box from the Prime Ministers village. Anyway, as the expression goes " s*** runs downhill". Good luck with the election Cameroon, you're going to need it.
Glenn Wilson


Is "scrutineer" an English word?
Just curious.
Thanks for your help.
I will check..Ofege


I am His Royal Highness, FON.Ekia Gilbert KUM of the Kung village in Cameroon menchum division, in the Zhoa sub-district.Well, as a respondent to your question, I purport that scrutineer is an english word, in its own right as an adjective to "scrutiny".
It will be of great significance to me as a citizen,reader in poltics and elite of Cameroon, to actively exchange and analyse the socio-political situation in Cameroon especially at this moment that, Cameroon politicians have become self interested in pursuing their own proper interests.

YRH. Greetings from Bamenda. Please feel free to forward any contribution to [email protected], [email protected], [email protected] eventual uploading.
God Bless You


THis is magnificient. More grease to your elbow.

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