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Doig Ruiz

Dear Sir,
I have just gone to your web site to read it interesting write ups and I must confess that things have really improved.

You now touch International subjects and it is quite impressive that your magazine has made the necessary stride.

The article that really affected me was the analysis on the situation in the Darfur.

It was really the first time that I have read an article that took time to share the responsiblity of every one in the conflicts of the SUDAN.

However, the only problem that I found was that the author was not known. Why was the author's name not mentioned?

Anyway congratulations and keep up.

Doig Ruiz
Lima Peru.

Alain Masoda

Dear Editor,
I have just went through this paper which embraces more than the only issue of Darfur, but the whole relationship of the western and Africa dealing with humanitarian crisis.
Thanks for the good article even though It would be suitable to know who is the author of this article because being a French Citizen there are certains point of view that I don't subscribe. Anyway eventhough it seems to be a pro american ( the article) the responsabilities of this disaster are as tha autor said common to all the International Community.
I am very pleased to notice that you people have improve your online newspaper and keep on ....


Alain Masoda

Alain Masoda

Dear Sir,
I think that Elie Smith has been vindicated with his Sudan article. Although his article seem to be a bit anti French, but sadly he is right. It's always difficult to admit the truth. It is also a nice thing that a magazine from Africa is interested and honest about what is going on there.

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