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Adolf geh

It isn't suprising at all to hear all this. If truth be told if all the atrocities, human rights abuses carried out by this Rey Bouba of Ndawara the so called BABA were to be written it will take large volumes of books upon books.

He not only iltreat his mbororo brothers, infact the natives of the grassfield are the most victimised amongst all. He is well implanted in mazam, Boyo, Menchum and other places of the NOrth West Provinces carrying out all sorts of to inhuman acts against this peaceful indigences.

This makes we recall what happened in Esu (Menchum Division) a couple of years backward. The coward BABA came after negotiating with the money minded Fon of Esu walked a few killometres outstetch of the village and designated a river that from this river uptill the boundary with Nigeria is henceforth own by BABA. A vast land were one normally takes two days from central Esu to the Boundary with Nigeria. He said it was his coz the Esu people came out and fought for their rights.

He came to one quarter in Esu and order the destruction of dozens of houses, properties in them, farmlands with crops claiming it was his land.

I can't Just mention the atrocities this fellow as cause the Esu people and the People of North WEst in general. Whatever it is our living God is in control freedom shall dawn one day and all those who prey on the people shall account when the time comes.

Thanks to all.

Adolf in douala.


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