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Mr. Feko, I must tell you and those with whom you worked to craft this release that I find it very interesting.

I do agree with you that the government that rules the French colonial state of La Republique du Cameroun is looking for a scapegoat to cover up its crimes in the Southern Cameroons. I also agree that they maybe doing this in response to pressure from the outside, since it is a government programmed not to have any regard for its own people. I personally think that they are doing it in response to the increased exposure of their illegal status in the Southern Cameroons and in an attempt to hide the fact that they are student killers there. Whichever way you look at it, they are responding to the international community from which they get their legitimacy and support to remain the inhibitors of progress for Africans in our part of Africa.

The facts and history show that the government of La Republique du Cameroun exists on behalf of the French government, against the will of its own people and against the rights of fellow Africans in the Southern Cameroons. They are a front to a colonial master whose willingness to parasite on African life and property is without end.

We are directly under the occupation of African sellouts that have sold their souls and conscience to the service of French colonizers while pretending to be a part of Africa and the modern world. This double personality is in keeping with that of their French overlords who wine and dine with bloodthirsty murderers in the world and at the same time maintain high seats in the highest and most prestigious halls of power in the world. It is a craft only the uncouth can master, but the power of the truth in the Southern Cameroons is gradually unmasking them all.

The question we, the victims of this fraud, must answer is whether this insatiable greed will be allowed to go on without end or we must stop it by our own action before it succeeds in consuming us.

The students at the University of Buea have been answering this question the best way they know how. This last strike was not the first since that institution was opened less than two decades ago. It was just one in a series of strikes where the future of Southern Cameroons has been struggling with problems generations past ignored. Under colonial control, students asking for basic needs as human beings, not student, but human beings asking for drinking water on campus and toilets to go to when nature calls, were shot at, some at the back of the head, evidencing flight from what must have been a surprised attack. They got shot to death not because of the demands they made but because of the demand they did not make, but which the colonial authorities knew could be made. It was the thought of the students exposing the fraud perpetuated in the Southern Cameroons that made the occupation forces jittery and trigger-happy.

While the students faced deadly force on the slops of mount Fako, the SCNC worked hard at a distance to distant itself from the student’s heroic actions, putting out Press Releases that in effect plead with the enemy to spare them any finger pointing. It is a shame that the SCNC in 2005 is caught insisting, with great pain, that they had nothing to do with a student action against colonial education in our country. It is a shame that they informed the colonizer that they provoked nothing, intend to provoke nothing and cannot be provoked enough by them (the colonizers) to react to any acts of inhumanity and brutality on our people. This is a cold calculation intended to slap the students in the face and add insult to their injury. It is a repudiation of their peaceful action to inhumane conditions at the university. I am shocked at this position and seriously question whom the SCNC is working for.

No one asked the SCNC to save the people of the Southern Cameroons from the brutal colonial control they find themselves in. No one asked you to do anything. There is therefore no need for the SCNC to lie and pretend to Southern Cameroonians that there is some virtue in doing nothing in the face of unending murders. For too long the leadership that has stepped forward to represent us has been a leadership motivated by individual fears and not the hopes of the people of the Southern Cameroons.

We can accept the pretences of “the force of argument and not the argument of force” as a shield to protect those who hide behind it for their personal safety (it is a very brutal occupation and no one is advocating suicide) but there is no doubt that this is a struggle that needs plain talk and bold action. What the SCNC has done in response to the student strike in Buea is unacceptable and treasonable. The Southern Cameroons cannot continue to remain the milk cow from which every one, friend and foe, puts up great pretences to milk from but none is willing to protect or defend her from unprovoked attacks.

The colonizer violates our children in school, give them colonial education under the guardianship of collaborators and mercenaries, murder them when they ask for simple redress of basic problems and all the SCNC can say is “ no amount of provocation by the occupying forces and their administrators will change their (SCNC) minds to return violence for violence?” For how long can you continue with this spineless rhetoric? “We remain calm in the face of whatever provocation or victimization because we consider any form of vengeance a desecration of our holy cause?” This is music to the colonizers’ ears. Are you being paid to tranquillize our people with this nonsense?

The French, Mr. Feko, are not the English and the Southern Cameroons is not India. This song and dance you promote is not going to work. It could not work in Nazi occupied France and it could not work in French occupied Algeria or Vietnam. What we have occupying our land is the type of enemy you attack (like the students demonstrated) and work to defeat by all means necessary, even if it takes a thousand years. The jungle that has been created for us and in which we must survive is not the USA with a conscience you can appeal to with “arguments…” We must find a way to survive my brother. Cheap talk has not cut it and will never cut it.

Some people in the Southern Cameroons may have accepted their colonization as final, and may have accepted that the only power they can exercise in our land is against our own people. But the people of the Southern Cameroons have accepted none of this. I can assure you that they have not been heard from yet. All the apologies and excuses that you and your group are going through pains to put out there are done only on your own behalf. It may have taken us a long time to wake up from the long spell the past generations put us under and it may take us even longer to begin to respond to this brutal colonization but please do not pretend on our behalf. There is nothing virtuous about doing nothing in the face of injustice.

I’ll like to remind you and those on whose behalf you write that in 1994, the world that you are counting on so much to come and give you back your country on a platter sat and watched as a French-engineered genocide took place in Rwanda, not for a day, not for two days, ten days or even 50 days, but for one hundred days, day in day out until Paul Kagame came to the rescue. In the Sudan genocide is going on and the world you are counting on does not skip a heartbeat on their behalf. Think again about who you are, whom you are working for and what you are doing.

The liberation of the Southern Cameroons will not come from the United Nations or from the African Union. It will definitely not come from doing nothing or from an argument; it will have to be earned by the people of the Southern Cameroons, each contributing what they can and cleansing the land with their sweet and blood until all traces of the colonizer and their breed is eradicated from our land. Any voice that is out there not preparing them to be ready for the fight of their lives waiting for them in their future is not telling them the truth. We definitely do not need one that puts them to sleep with soft talk about “desecration of our holy cause.” There is nothing to be desecration in the Southern Cameroons that has not been desecrated by the colonizer. They are now taking every incident in our territory, as the beginning of the fight they expect will come. Wake up my brother.

The students of the University of Buea are our heroes who have been doing their part to liberate the national territory by fighting injustice where they find it. We stand with them and expect you to do the same. Those of them who fell from the assassin’s bullets must never be forgotten, for in their death we find greater resolve to finish the job their blood has made easier. It is the University of Buea that gave us the Southern Cameroons Youth League and in this last strike gave our struggle growth. They have shown their dead and their wounded to us and to the world, we have taken note. The time will come for us to make our decisions and we will make them, not like the SCNC, but like real men and women who have choices and are determined to live dignified lives, like God intended. “Give me liberty or give me death” is the motto by which great nations are built and fulfilled lives are lived.

Augustine Ambe
Secretary MEDCOM. SCIG.

Stephen B Makia

My dear Mr Feko,i find your this report of yours very engaging,

Let me start by saying,i believe your claiming that La republique body is loooking for a scapegoat to facitate their evil scheme.And i appreciate your courage to stand for your right.

But i think the SCNC should be having a plan B intact,because history has shown that,in order to free the masses from oppresion,the must be some human sacrifices in exchange for that goal.Even the almighty demonstrated that,by giving his son in order to save our lives.So is my believe that the diplomacy is bound to failure,but never the less you should keep giving it your best shot,but also read your history books for the possible altanative.

Thank you all for your invaluable efforts against the inhumanity bestowed on the people of southern cameroon,may GOD look upon you all,AMEN

Tayu Oliver

Remember Paul Biya said Cameroon practise "Advance Democracy".Every destruction in Sounthern Cameroons is sponsored by France through the Head Boy in Africa,Paul Biya.The blood of innocent Southern Cameroon students will fall on their head and their children.The fact is that we will get our Independence come rain come sunshine.Mr Paul Biya should know that he is living at the end of the doom of La Republic du Cameroon

Voice from the Wilderness...

Great Thanks to all who faithfully stand Firm for the liberation of the innocent people of southern Cameroons. Relent not your efforts because the battle is on and the time is now when we all must stand up in one accord and reclaim what belongs to us...
We, the people of Southern Cameroons have done nothing, i mean Absolutely Nothing to deserve all these forms of mistreatment from the agaents of La Republic Du Cameroon.
SCNC, "The Force of Arguement, and not The Arguement of Force", has taken a 180 degrees change of FACE/PHASE or whatever....Mr Paul Biya, the time has come when we have claim what is truely ours and manager it the right way...
My dear brothers and sisters of Southern Cameroon, if we keep waiting on the United nations, our Geneartions will still suffer all these again Lets All STAND UP AND FIGHT So that tomorrow our generations will blossom to their children with all that man needs, and Make the Southern Cameroon An EXAMPLARY NATION, not only in Africa but in the World...
The time is now and the fight is now....
SCNC,SCAPO,SCAM,YOU reading this article are all in the fight and i strongly believe united we stand, we shall win this battle...
As in the Bible, God sent Moses to go to Egypt and free the children of Isreal from the wicked hands of pharoah,,so too, This Lone Voice from the Wilderness, calling all of you children of Southern Cameroon, that The time is now and the battle is on, Stand up and fight for what is yours...
Don't sell your minds to the chicken change of La Republic and its Agents, because you will just be eating crumbs of what they illegally take from you, making your self a subject to laugh at....
Dear Southern cameroonians, ask your selves these questions,
- Where is Power Cam?
- Where is Cameroon Bank?
- Where is National produce Marketing Board?
- Where are all our air ports?
- Why is the victoria sea port still like that today?
- Where are our sea and river ports...?
You may begin to have an idea of what La Republic is doing to us the Southern Cameroonians.
I have a first degree in Physics, but no Job. I have written about 4 publics Examinations, that appear to be the simplest in my entire life as a scholar but at the end, you find a list candidates who didn't even sat for the examinations as passed candidates...
I have tried to open a business of my own but the taxes levied on my small is not even up to the profit i gain from it...
Enough is Enough,I AM READY TO FIGHT TO MY LAST BREATH...If not for this present generation for the next generation of Southern Cameroonians to live Freely... Mr Biya and La Republic, leave My people to live freely
La Republic, and Mr Biya, if you you want be the " doubting Thomas" Then you better WATCH OUT FOR A TERRIBLE EXPLOSION...
We are tired of your illegal occupation of our territory, and it time for you to leave, and the time is NOW!!!!
Keep your eyes open and don't say that you were not informed....
God is with US Southern Cameroonians.

From Ntemfac A.N. Ofege
Go down..Go down...Go Down to Kamerun ...Njanga...and tell Biya...Biya let my people go...


we need to go away from la republique and creat our own country founded and on democratic practices so that la rep can learn. there have never been any diplomatic move to independence in the whole world. independence i acquired through force. i want to leave in an independent southern cameroon before i die. God bless us

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