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Stephen B Makia

i honestly think all those demands were reasonable.the students should have a better learning enviroment,and the minister should be ashamed to have let such minut thing to pave way for a strike.


I will not understand why the university of B
uea students should be chase by the police while those of other universities did not face such a situation in the same strike? is it because buea is the only anglophone university or because the cameroon government realy hate anglophones. Not forgeting to ask whether the government will take care of the death once or thier families will do so.

robert tene

AM In 1960, imprisoned and tortured hard by his torturers with the pay of the Western imperialism, Patrice Lumumba will forward a last letter to his Pauline wife, and in whom, a sentence summarizes all: "does not cry not cherished! that dead or alive, which counts, it is the independence of Congo and the dignity of Africa... Freedom is the ideal for which, from time immemorial and throughout the world, of the men and the women knew to fight and die "In 2005, that is to say nearly one half-century later, George Bush, president of the United States, in the ideological logic of its most dogmatic predecessors, declares: "the expansion of the democracy and freedom, is the best pledge of peace in the world". After the attacks of September 11 2001 in the United States, the bloody taking of hostages in a school in Russia, and carnage in the trains in Madrid, all the leaders of the world, without geopolitical distinction, made the same profession of faith: "There will be no negotiation with the terrorists, and nothing can justify acts of cruelty which give blindness death and endeuillent whole humanity". But here that in Togo, of the soldiers, become of the instruments of a clan of criminals eager to preserve the capacity by all the means, citizens cut down coldly who claim the democracy, and that in Cameroun of the students who ask for the improvement of their conditions, falls under balls, exactly like the six hundred schoolboys of Sowéto in 1976.


The most annoying thing about the Buea strike is the manner in which some bigoted role-players running that unversity have let the whole incident degenerate into the now belabored Graffi/South-WEST saga.I recently ran into a UB Departmental Head and Vice Dean of Student affairs on vacation at the UNVERSITY OF WISCONSIN MADISON, USA and her responses to my questions relating to the genesis of the strike and the reaction of DOROTHY NJEUMA and her cronies to the grievances of the students were totally devoid of common sense. In fact, this woman who is being paid a "fat" salary from the taxes paid by the parents of her students sounded so arrogant and nonchalant to the plight of the students that I said to myself: " If UB is being run by numskulls like this then there's no hope." She sounded so illiterate in the course of our discussion that I honestly feared for the future of UB. Statements such as: "It's the students who need degrees, if they don't want to learn, that's their business!" struck me dumb. This and many more unprofessional remarks coming out of the mouth of a dean of studies speak volumes about how she got not only her post but also her academic qualifications. It's shameful to say the least.

The man in the street can afford to rave and rant like a demented idiot, but not leaders of our academic institutions. They simply don't have such leeway.If they persist in displaying their inanity in public, then they would better spare us their collective stupidity by resigning from the positions of authority which they did not earn in the first place.


hello i must say that i am not in sorport of the strike but i also want a pnsideration so plz consider them

kingsley mbanwei

the time has come when somebody must help me say this the 21st century miracle is unfolding befor my eyes,a dream comes true.youths today are able to defend their rights but before i go,take this gemtle advice.it is better to die for something than to live for nothing.

Michael Kongnyuy

i, being a leader to one of the movements especially the the SCNC youth Movement, was detained for two weeks without food but escaped finally. i am now in the states but never will i get back home because life is astake. Fellow guys stay calm and things will get cold but for me i may never be part of Cameroon again; i miss u cameroon.


I'm a student in UB.I want to think the relative instability that incorporated state universities in Cameroon was mainly to agrade the degraded potholes that existed within the administerial setup


These students had a genuine reason to strike


I totally understand the need of the students. The demands are reasonable.

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