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« THE TWENTY-ONE WOES OF REUNIFICATION OF THE TWO CAMEROONS: Reposted from a posting by:Prince Akame-SCIN | Main | Tales of Brutality from Cameroon: We Were Treated Like Common Criminals, by Nigerian Returnees »


Bawe     Walters  banboye

I am a southern cameroon living in switzerland.I just want to fine out how somebody like me can help in this struggle.how can we contribute to the success of southern cameroon independences.

poplela mbah sikod

let biya go

bruno mars

I was trying to add your RSS feed to my reader, but it didn't work. =/ Any ideas on other ways to subscribe to your site?



Use the "Subscribe" link at the top right hand corner of the blog, just below the logo

emmanuel nkemneme

I was impress after reading,there is hope for cameroonians.AHIDJO AND BIYI are not leaders because of their coconut heads,They will pass away but cameroon will remain.I was born there in 1960 but thank GOD i left in 1975 .Educated cameroonians should come together and elect good leaders that will incorporate corprate goverance to the later.Most cameroonians are living below poverty line.

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