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Julius Fossung Esua

I don't know if I have a comment or a statement, but one thing is a fact in life:
The fox may be faster, but the tortoise will get to its destination as well.

Billy Nso

Ofege, Why can't you set up a team of Journalist to do what the Post is doing. Your stories are all out of date.

I sometimes don't waste my time to open this page. The readers need more than this old stories.


Who said these are old stories?
How will our children learn about their country if such stories are not kept for posterity?
This corrupt regime should always remember that there are 99days for a thief and 1 day for the owner.


We refuse to see what we have to see.
Hi Mr Ofege, glad you are still doing the job. Congrats. Education is all our generation needs. We must learn our own history and thanks you are doing that in your own way.
If someone deliberately refuses to see:
He may not even know that his great grand father was sold for a looking glass. He may not even know the colour of God.He may not even know his own language and may be living on borrowed language. Please tell the world what you can, for the bilble stories are read everyday and nobody asks for new stories. Where is our identity as a people. We borrow the koffie we plant, borrow religion, borrow language, borrow money...where do we belong?

It's a pitty that democracy has been held hostage by some African rulers. However it's shamefull that some western civilisation do stand behind those who make a mockery of democracy in Africa.
I'll rather get what's given to me from Africa, than what is promised to me from somewhere else these days."They lie to us".


Jesus Chris!
Someone needs to make a movie about this...

charles Nkwanyuo

i am of the opinion that only JESUS can take our beloved counttry out of this doldrum. The bible clearly states in 2Chronicle 7:14 (if my people, who are called by my name, will humble themselves and pray and seek my face and turn from their evil ways,then will i hear from heavenand will forgive their sin and will heal their land). Our Fatherland is very sick and needs total deliverance,we have been held bound by wickedness in high places and are looking for solutions in the wrong places. The book of proverbs also states that righteouness exalts a nation, This is the time for all Cameroonians to come together and seek the face of God we Limit our GOD too much.After all Nigerians prayed Sanni Abacha out of power.

Alexis Fernander

Hello. I am eleven years old, and francois sengat-kuo is my grandfather. Shirley Sengat-kuo is my mother. I do not know if the things you write are true, but it gives me great despair that you would accuse my granfather of doing anything wrong!


This so sad!!.One thing for a fact is that this Biya person will get out of power only when he dies.you would think with all the knowledge and technology now our days sone one will be able to stop this people, it really makes us who comes frome there be hopeless.All we can do is really Pray.

Jackie-Ruth Ejacha

I do agree with Alexis Fernander, François sengat-kuo is someone i had the privilege to know. never did he do something to put Cameroon in the mess in which it is now. No need to remind you that before his death he was not in accord with the actual Cameroonian government. François sengat-kuo was of great inspiration to most Cameroonian youths who joined the opposition to put and end to all the rot Cameroon is going through today. (my elder brother is one of those he inspired) .
who could imagine Omar Bongo will not be in power today, before the end of his so call manderoty period. I believe God has Plans for cameroun, and His time is the best.


I thank the writer very much for this information. When all this "Biya palava" was going on I was just a kid. I now know what this tyrant has done to my fellow people. "No matter how long the night will be the sun will finally rise".


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