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Mongo Steven

It has even come to the stage that southern Cameroonians are prevented from celebrating their indepence day. Forces of the Biya regime have continued to harass and intimidate SCNC (Southern Cameroons National Council) activists from carrying out their programme of activities when Independence Day – 1st October, approaches.
In the junction town of Mutengene in the Fako County in the Southern Cameroons a mixed patrol of four gendarmes, four soldiers and five policemen stormed the residence of Mr. James Sabum - SCNC Organising Secretary.The main target was Mr. James Sabum, who has suffered several arrests and detentions in the past. Unable to lay hold on him the occupation forces beat […] Mr. Sabum’s family members.
One of his sons, Valentine Tuma Sabun, 25 years, was beaten to a state of unconsciousness necessitating hospitalization.
Meanwhile in Kumba, Meme County,the residence of the Southern Zone Chair, Mr. Sylvester Taku was raided by a group of three gendarmes who drove into the premises in a gendarme vehicle. Their target was to pick Mr. Sylvester Taku, but failing to find him at home, they got his phone number from his children, and used it to reach Mr. Taku whom they ordered to report at the Brigade, but Mr. Taku refused to report saying he could not respond to verbal convocations. The Southern Zone Chair however requested that a formal written convocation be addressed to him if they needed him for any reason.
At Kumbo, Bui County of the Northern Zone, Stephen Kongnso’s residence was surrounded but nobody was arrested.
In Mbenqwi, Momo County, Chairman Henry Fomuki Nji’s residence is under surveillance by the deployment of troops who are patrolling the streets. The man hunt for Dr. Ayongaba who has always been underground is really confusing.
Meanwhile the SCNC National Secretariat in Bamenda is being monitored by police and gendarmes under the command of Mr. Muaffo of the Mendankwe Gendarmerie Brigade.
The crackdown exercise as mentioned above is aimed at the subjugation and intimidation of the annexed Southern Cameroonian people to deter them from celebrating their day of independence in two months time or so.
But come what may, the day 01 October is always celebrated throughout the national territory and in the Diaspora with pomp and pageantry. In spite of the heavy crackdown, nationwide reports reaching us say the weeklong programme in preparation for the celebrations and which began with a clean-up campaign is being scrupulously implemented.

Muma Emmanuel Suh

La Republique Du Cameroun acts of terror, arrests, detention and intimidation have continued unabated.

The following SCNC activists:
1. Mr. Elangwa David-50 years
2. Mr. Peter Achamba -45 years,
3. Mr. Motuba John-40years and
4. Mr. Bah Francis Chick -30years, were all arrested in a remote LGA called Konye in Meme County in the Southern Zone-a part of the County which is virtually cut of from the rest of the county at this time of the year due to lack of motorable road net-work connecting them. The above named persons were arrested by 10 armed Gendarmes on the instructions of the Sub-Divisional Officer, one Mr. Abongwa Michael for the simple reason that they were in possession of SCNC membership cards. There is a generalized man-hunt by the armed Gendarmes going on in that enclaved locality for people in possession of SCNC membership cards and other materials.

The county Chairman for Menchum in the Northern Zone, Mr. Mughem Elias was arrested and detained incommunicado.

Reports just reaching the SCNC reveal that, the Chairman of Ndop Central LGA of Ngoketunjia county, Mr. Chiu Francis Bunkwe a retired civil servant was arrested at Ndop on the instructions of the Senior Divisional officer, Mr. Eboue Njoume and accused of being an SCNC activist. After torture, he is currently being detained at Ndop and refused access to a lawyer and family members. All these arrests are without warrant of arrests.
It should be noted that, president Paul Biya recently instructed members of his government to crack down on the SCNC as reported by a local Newspaper, The Post which carries a banner headline: “Biya Warns SCNC Against October 1st Demonstrations” another publication of The Post carries another article headline “Government Now In Open Battle With SCNC”, reports of government’s panicking measures to pursue SCNC supporters nationwide.

Southern Cameroonians are therefore urgently appealing to the International Community to restrain President Biya from further arrests, torture, detentions and genocide perpetrated on Southern Cameroonians.

Professor Carlson Anyangwe

Cameroun Republic, the colonial aggressor occupying the Southern Cameroons, believes it is smart. In its continuing wretched attempt to fool the outside world and to deflect internal and international challenge to its colonization of the Southern Cameroons it has desperately tried to blackmail Nigeria to turn a blind eye to the hijack of the territory of the Southern Cameroons and its people by Cameroun Republic.

Lacking any legal foot on which to stand in regard to its theft of the Southern Cameroons it has gone knocking at Nigeria's door. It is begging Nigeria to help it formulate a response to Communication No. 2 filed against it by the Southern Cameroons in the African Commission on Human and Peoples' Rights. That pathetic request has been roundly rebuffed by Nigeria. Piqued at having been rebuffed, Cameroun Republic has decided to use the tool of blackmail, its well-attested stock in trade. It is now telling Nigeria that the Southern Cameroons is seeking to recover the erstwhile Northern Cameroons and that if Nigeria does not adopt the attitude of indifference to Cameroun Republic's colonial occupation of the Southern Cameroons then Cameroun Republic would raise what in its delusional mindset it sees as the spectre of secession of erstwhile Northern Cameroons from Nigeria. Cameroun Republic pretends not to know that there is not the remotest possibility of that happening in a thousand years or more. Speaking through its agents it makes occasional cacophonous utterances about erstwhile Northern Cameroons, fraudulently claiming the UN is now interested in reconstituting the British Cameroons Trust Territory and in granting it independence.

This year marks 150 years of continuing colonisation of our Homeland: British from 1858 to 1887; German from 1888 to 1914; British again from 1915 to 1961; Cameroun Republic from October 1961 to date. Few peoples in the world have had such a chequered and cruel fate. And so we fight to be free. We fight to have full control over our lives and our land. We fight for our future. We fight for our God-given territory. We fight to manage our own affairs. We fight to live a life of dignity as human beings free from fear and want. We fight not for the past. We fight for the future. We fight for the future of our children. Our children deserve a place they can legitimately, proudly, truly and freely call home. It is quite unimportant whether we ourselves as individuals live. But it is essential that, like other people, we as a people live. It is essential that the British Southern Cameroons, by whatever name we eventually choose to baptise it, shall live; and that even as a small nation, it has every right to exist.

Fellow Southern Cameroonians, the use of the term "British" at this point in our struggle must be explained. We are not trying to become British, but we respect the rules. In 1984, the Cameroun Republic reverted to its original identity before its union with the Southern Cameroons. In so doing, Cameroun Republic seceded from the pretended union, but has illegally held on to us as a colony. We had no choice but to revert to our pre-union identity and to resume our decolonisation efforts. The issue of our name has been a cause of much argument in this struggle. One of the first acts of this government will be to obtain through a fair and open process a suitable and final name for ourselves from the genius of our people. That name would in all likelihood be neither "British" or "Cameroons".

Continue reading "Professor Carlson Anyangwe Assumes Control of the Southern Cameroons Struggle" »

October 1, 2007: Reiterating a Promise

Before October 1961 the Southern Cameroons was a haven of freedom, peace and steady progress. But tragedy soon struck! In that fateful month of that fateful year the good people of the Southern Cameroons began their descent into hell. They became tragically linked to République du Cameroun by the cruel history of colonial occupation and other forms of imperial plunder. The people of the Southern Cameroons became “a little gift to France from the Queen of England” as Charles de Gaulle said.

For almost half a century now we are locked in a bitter anti-colonial national liberation struggle to free ourselves from the colonial yoke and plunder of a Yaoundé colonial government aided and abetted in its cowardly crimes against humanity in our Homeland by an ex-colonial power that had itself tasted the bitter pill of alien occupation.

The French-controlled Yaoundé colonial government has licensed its loathsome colonial agents in our land to plunder our resources and to murder, torture, terrorize, persecute, abduct, and imprison our people at will and for their psychopathic pleasure. The hands of the French-controlled Yaoundé colonial government are soaked and dripping with the blood of nationals of the Southern Cameroons.

We shall put an end to this criminal activity and expel the colonizer from our Homeland. We shall impose accountability on the coloniser and his agents in the Southern Cameroons. We shall end the pervasive culture of impunity that obtains in République du Cameroun and free that country of its historically attested culture of violence.

We repeat that we will not and cannot obey the decrees and edicts of the colonizer. There is no legal or moral basis that warrants us to do so.

We will ensure and exact retribution from every agent of République du Cameroun who lays his diseased hands on any one of our people. These odious agents also have families. We cannot allow them to continue systematically to murder, maim, torture and imprison members of others’ families and get away with it. We will exact retribution wherever the criminal and those associated with him may be and irrespective of how long that will take. We shall hunt and hound them, one after another. They can temporarily be sheltered by the French-controlled Yaoundé criminal regime, but they will not be sheltered for long. They can run, but they cannot hide.

We have a responsibility to protect our people even as we prosecute to its logical conclusion the national liberation struggle against a colonialism that is most foul and depraved. We have an inter-generational responsibility to free our Homeland from République du Cameroun’s imperialist occupation and plunder.

From this day onwards, République du Cameroun’s colonial agents and sponsored predators will no longer harm our people and plunder our resources without our exacting retribution commensurate with the enormity of their crimes.

From this day onwards, whoever dares to hurt any of our people will be sorted out consistently with the eternal law of self-defence, including pre-emptive self-defence, and the internationally recognised necessity to end the culture of impunity for international crimes, including the crime of colonialism.

In this connection, we have instructed Counsel to consider and initiate proceedings in an appropriate forum against the under-mentioned most responsible individuals for crimes against humanity:

1. Yvon Omnes, former French ambassador to République du Cameroun and Special Adviser to Cameroun President;

2. Biya Paul, the Life French Viceroy who heads the blood-suffused regime of République du Cameroun;

3. Bell Luc René République du Cameroun’s one time colonial ‘gouverneur’ in Bamenda who ordered grenades to be used against peaceful marchers and personally supervised the pogrom in Bamenda;

4. Private Ahidjo, ‘the Butcher of Kumbo’, foot soldier in the Kumbo garrison of République du Cameroun’s colonial occupation forces;

5. Koumpa Issa, République du Cameroun’s choleric and delusion-afflicted colonial ‘gouverneur’ in Bamenda;

6. Col. Mpaye, ‘the Butcher of Bepanda’, and one time commander of République du Cameroun’s colonial occupation forces in Bamenda;

7. Mbonda Thomas Ejake, République du Cameroun’s sanguinary colonial ‘gouverneur’ in Buea who personally supervised the butchery and mayhem by the colonial forces of occupation at the University of Buea in 2005;

8. Bilai Okalia, the delusional colonial ‘prefêt’ in Victoria, prime accomplice of Mbonda Ejake in the butchery and mayhem at the University of Buea in 2005;

9. Col. Gadjama, head of the colonial gendarmerie force in Bamenda;

10. Louis Eyeya Zanga, République du Cameroun’s sanguinary colonial ‘gouverneur’ in Buea who personally supervised the butchery and mayhem by the colonial forces of occupation at the University of Buea during the UB Medical School list protests in 2006;

11. Jacques Fame Ndongo, République du Cameroun’s sanguinary minister of the so-called Ministry of Higher Education who forcefully enrolled his unqualified tribesmen as students at the University of Buea Medical School, and along with Louis Eyeya Zanga supervised the butchery and mayhem by the colonial forces of occupation at the University of Buea during the UB Medical School list protests in 2006;

We continue to update and study the files of other criminals eventually to be added to this list.

Forward all relevant information, including names of perpetrators, place of incidents, time and date of incidents, name of witnesses etc. etc. to: [email protected]

"Southern Cameroons" and the "SCNC": The Birth of Consciousness
August 17, 2007

Like the hard line French surrogate Hutus in Rwanda who carried out a French-sponsored genocide but lost power, the regime in la Republique du Cameroun, erected after the successful implementation of another French-sponsored genocide in the 1950s and 1960s and still in power, have remained absolutely intransigent to civilized calls for dialogue to bring a peaceful end to the brutal and illegal Franco-Camerounese occupation of the Southern Cameroons.

Fourteen years ago, in early April of 1993, in what can be considered to be the re-birth of the Southern Cameroons consciousness that led to the creation of a genuine Liberation Movement in the Southern Cameroons against French rule, which includes the Southern Cameroons National Council (SCNC), SCYL and others, the Buea Declaration of the All Anglophone Congress was made. It began thus:

"We, the people of Anglophone Cameroon, from whom a representation of more than five thousand delegates coming from a total of thirteen regions which make our territory (Boyo, Bui, Donga-Mantung, Fako, Kupe-Manenguba, Liabelem, Manyu, Meme, Menchum, Mezam, Momo, Ndian, Ngonkitunjia) as well as the entire Cameroon, having in its midst experienced politicians and old traditional leaders, spiritual and religious chiefs, leaders of political parties, deputies and members of the Economic and Social Council, peasants, workers, students and elites of all professions, are assembled in Anglophone congress, at the Mount Mary maternity center in the historic town of Buea, this second and third day of the month of April 1993, with an aim of adopting a joint position of all Anglophones with regards to the national debate on constitutional reform which will soon open, as well as to examine other subjects which relate to our wellbeing and that of our descendants, our territory and the entire nation of Cameroon."

Download southern_cameroonsbuea_anglophone_congress_1993.pdf

NO RUPTURE: Sarkozy Insults Africa and Preserves Francafrique
July 31, 2007

A preening Mr. Nicolas Sarkozy during a press conference in Gabon said that "one cannot blame everything on colonisation... the corruption, the dictators, the genocides, that is not colonisation." Where Jacques Chirac had left off telling Africans that democracy was a luxury for them and they should worry instead about their bellies, Mr. Nicolas Sarkozy continued by declaring at the University of Cheikh Anta Diop in Dakar earlier in his mini-tour of Africa that the "African peasant only knows the eternal renewal of time, rhythmed by the endless repetition of the same gestures and the same words ... in this imaginary world where everything starts over and over again, there is no place for human adventure or for the idea of progress." In not so many words, like Jacques Chirac who preceded him, Mr. Nicolas Sarkozy exposed his instrinsic and instinctive belief of Africans to be sub-humans, animals.
The French rupture with the past Mr. Sarkozy spoke of, as we predicted, does not apply to sub-humans. Mr. Sarkozy has underscored this by pointedly meeting 2 brutal, corrupt and long-serving African dictators (who incidentally are being sued in French courts for corruption and embezzlement) at the beginning of his term: Omar Bongo Ondimba who became the president of Gabon in 1967 when Mr. Sarkozy was all of 12 years old, and Dennis Sassou Nguesso of Congo who has been president on and off for 23 years, just under half of Mr. Sarkozy's 52 years on earth.

When the French and their imperial president terminates the Cooperation Agreements linking them to their former colonies that continues to enforce colonial practices and has effected genocides in la Republique du Cameroun, Rwanda and Congo-Brazzaville and massive massacres in Algeria, Madagascar and Cote d'Ivoire, then Mr. Sarkozy will be taken seriously.

For the people of the Southern Cameroons, we once again call on the imperial French President, Mr. Nicolas Sarkozy de Nagy-Bocsa to end their colonial occupation of the Southern Cameroons by immediately removing their Operation Aramis from our territory.

The Southern Cameroons IG views Operation Aramis as being similar to the Operation Noirot that preceded and mestatasized into the nerve center of the French genocide in Rwanda in 1994.

The Southern Cameroons IG considers the declarations made during la Republique du Cameroun's recent elections by high-ranking officials of the French-sponsored Yaounde regime such as Mr. Etame Massoma and Ephraim Inoni stoking bigotry and "ethnic" hatred similar to declarations that were being made by Rwandese officials under the protection of Operation Noirot and the tutelage of France that lead up to the French genocide in Rwanda. These are practices that are being encouraged by the French advisers in Yaounde, la Republique du Cameroun.

The Post newapaper (No. 0879 of July 30, 2007) quotes Mr. Etame Massoma as saying a rival political party was "an anglophone [Southern Cameroons] party, that had nothing to do with francophones [citizens of the French la Republique du Cameroun]." Mr. Ephraim Inoni on his part campaigned in his native Southwest province against what he termed a "Northwest party" by instructing local administrators not to allow a win of a rival political party perceived to be relatively less unpopular, according to media reports. Reacting to these declarations, the head of the rival political party was quoted in The Post as saying: "We see in this trend the same type of discrimination that built up to the Rwanda genocide."

Going by the French historical record in Africa that Mr. Sarkozy is positioning himself to perpetuate, we tell him that France's current de-facto status as colonial master in francophone Africa and in the Southern Cameroons promotes corruption, dictators and genocides.

We call on the French, President Nicolas Sarkozy de Nagy-Bocsa and their colony, la Republique du Cameroun, to leave the territory of the Southern Cameroons in accordance with international laws.

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